Dream of green leads to lottery luck for Maryland man

June 20 (UPI) — A Maryland man said a dream about the color green led him to choose a lottery ticket that won him a $1 million jackpot.

The 34-year-old tree specialist told Maryland Lottery officials he was at SN Beer & Wine in Germantown this month when he remembered a dream he had three months earlier.

“I stopped at the Beer & Wine store to play as I was heading home after work,” the man said. “The first few tickets I bought didn’t add up to much, but before I picked another one, a dream I had back in March popped into my head.”

He said his memory of the dream was a bit hazy, but he recalled the feeling of winning and an image of the color green.

“I always figured the green part was the green of cash, but when I was about to buy one last ticket I saw Win Big. It was green,” he said.

The man said the $20 scratch-off ticket turned out to be a $1 million winner.

“My hands were shaking,” he said. “My heart was pounding so hard. I got very nervous all of a sudden. I hurried home to show my wife. She had the exact same reaction — the shaking, the heart, everything!”

The man said he and his wife plan to use their newfound fortune to make a down payment on a new home and save for their children’s college funds.