Family sitting down to dinner finds python in child’s booster seat

Sept. 28 (UPI) — An Australian snake catcher was called to a family’s home when they discovered a massive python coiled up in their child’s booster seat at the dinner table.

Stuart McKenzie of Snake Catcher 24/7 — Sunshine Coast posted a video to Facebook showing the sight that greeted him when he was called to a Beerwah, Queensland, home.

The video shows a large carpet python coiled up in a child’s booster seat at the family’s dining room table.

“A family in Beerwah were at the dinner table enjoying their meal when mum discovered a massive carpet python curled up on the booster seat at the end of the table,” McKenzie wrote. “The family jumped up from the table, left their meals and ran outside and called me. She had the doors open during the day to let the breeze in and that’s how the big fella would have got inside. Pretty crazy that this big snake had gone unnoticed for so long.”