Fortune cookie ‘lucky numbers’ earn $30,070 lottery jackpot

April 26 (UPI) — A Maryland woman said the “lucky numbers” listed inside her fortune cookie earned their title when they won her a $30,070 lottery jackpot.

The Hanover woman told Maryland Lottery officials she joked to her father that he needed to win the lottery so he could pay for her upcoming wedding, so she presented her with a Keno ticket.

The woman said her father had used the numbers from a fortune cookie they had gotten the previous night from a Chinese restaurant.

The 25-year-old bride-to-be said she put her father in charge of checking whether the ticket he had given her was a winner.

“He texted me, saying, ‘Honey I think we just won $30’ and I immediately thought to myself that it wasn’t the amount I was hoping to win on the lottery,” the winner said. “He then told me, ‘Not $30, but $30,000!’ I was very excited after that!”