George Zimmerman charged with stalking private investigator

George Zimmerman charged with stalking private investigator

May 8 (UPI) — Nearly six years after he became a national focus for shooting Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman has now been charged with stalking.

A summons in Florida has charged Zimmerman with misdemeanor stalking, said Todd Brown, a spokesman for the Brevard and Seminole County Judicial Circuit.

Authorities said Zimmerman, 34, had stalked a private investigator who was preparing a documentary, and at one point threatened to feed him to an alligator.

The investigator told deputies he contacted Zimmerman in September on behalf of a documentary producer who’s creating a series about Martin’s life and death. Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer, shot the unarmed teenager and was later acquitted second degree murder in 2013.

Court documents listing the accusations were filed last month and unsealed Sunday. Zimmerman is scheduled to face the charge in court May 30.

The investigator said in December, he received 55 phone calls, 67 text messages, 36 voicemails and 27 emails from Zimmerman, documents show.

This is not Zimmerman’s first run-in with the law after the Martin case. He was arrested four months after his acquittal on claims of domestic violence by his then-girlfriend — and faced charges of aggravated assault, misdemeanor battery, criminal mischief and damage of property.

The charges were ultimately dropped, as was a charge stemming from a subsequent arrest in January 2015.