Houston man’s car stolen by fake valet

April 25 (UPI) — Police in Houston are investigating after a man’s car was stolen by a person posing at a valet in the lot where he parks for work.

Bhoumin Mehta said he uses the valet service at Rice Apartments every day when he goes to work across the street, and Monday morning at 7 a.m. he handed over his keys as usual to a man standing at the valet podium.

“He opened the door, pulled the ticket and gave it to me. So I don’t question when he knows where the tickets are, and that’s what happens every time when I park the car,” Mehta told KHOU-TV.

He said he returned to the lot after work to discover his Toyota Camry was missing.

It turned out the man who had taken Mehta’s keys was not a valet.

“Apparently the person who was the employee of valet parking went to the restroom or went for coffee and apparently this guy knew the drawer was open and took advantage,” Mehta told KTRK-TV.

Security camera footage revealed the man had apparently been waiting near the valet podium for some time while apparently waiting for an opening.

Police are investigating the theft.