IFC renews Hank Azaria’s ‘Brockmire’ for two more seasons

IFC renews Hank Azaria's 'Brockmire' for two more seasons

March 30 (UPI) — IFC’s Hank Azaria-Amanda Peet comedy Brockmire was renewed for two more seasons Thursday.

Season 2 is to debut April 25, with the third and fourth seasons to follow in 2019 and 2020.

The show originally premiered in April 2017. It is about a famous, major-league baseball announcer trying to put his life back together a decade after suffering an epic, public meltdown in response to his wife’s infidelity. Peet plays his current girlfriend.

“This show is my favorite thing I’ve ever done. Period. I love shooting it, I love editing it, and I love how much people are enjoying it. Jim can say all manner of insane things that I can’t. And he does. A lot,” Azaria said in a statement.

“Hank Azaria’s extraordinary talent brings the complex and damaged Jim Brockmire to life in a performance that is nothing short of genius. I’m not sure sending Brockmire to New Orleans for Season 2 was a great idea, but assuming he’s still alive by the last episode, I am thrilled to announce that both Brockmire and Hank will be around for Seasons 3 and 4,” added Jennifer Caserta, IFC’s president.