Irma carries ‘ghost ship’ hundreds of miles from Key West


Sept. 25 (UPI) — A mysterious “ghost ship” that washed up on a Florida beach has been identified by police and was apparently blown hundreds of miles by Hurricane Irma.

The two-mast sailboat, dubbed Cuki, washed up on Melbourne Beach’s Spessard Holland South Beach Park recently and captured the imaginations of locals in part due to its unusual contents — a mannequin, a large velvet rose and a sign declaring that “beatings will continue until morale improves.”

“It just looks abandoned and like the pirates just jumped ship and took off,” resident Debbie Manzella told WESH-TV.

Police said they were able to identify the Cuki as being registered out of Key West, where it was apparently swept away by the winds of Hurricane Irma and carried hundreds of miles to Melbourne Beach.

Authorities said the boat’s owner was not aboard the vessel when it was carried away, as he is currently in jail on an unrelated matter.

Officials in Melbourne Beach said the boat might not be removed for up to two months due to its difficult-to-manage size.


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