James Corden visits a Kanye West-infused ‘Westworld’

James Corden visits a Kanye West-infused 'Westworld'

May 1 (UPI) — James Corden visited a new version of HBO’s Westworld on the Late Late Show that was fused with rapper Kanye West’s Twitter.

Named Kanye Westworld, the alternate take on the sci-fi drama series featured androids who only speak using phrases that West has posted on Twitter since returning to the social media site in April.

“Never a master, always a student,” a bartender informs Corden, who is thrown off by the random statement. “I no longer have a manager, I can’t be managed,” another man says at a table. The late-night host is eventually surrounded by a group of androids that declare, “I’m nice at ping pong.”

Corden is then greeted by Westworld star Jimmi Simpson, who informs him that he is inside a malfunctioning Kanye Westworld.

West, since returning to Twitter, has notably posted tweets about universal love and his support for President Donald Trump. The musician also announced on Twitter that he plans on releasing two albums in June. Westworld Season 2 premiered on HBO on April 22.