Jared Leto visits ‘Tonight Show’ while hitchhiking across America

Jared Leto visits 'Tonight Show' while hitchhiking across America

April 3 (UPI) — Jared Leto stumbled upon the set of The Tonight Show while hitchhiking across the United States in support of his upcoming Thirty Seconds to Mars album, America.

Leto, with a backpack on hand, walked through the Tonight Show curtain as host Jimmy Fallon was hosting Monday’s episode. The lead singer of Thirty Seconds to Mars and actor said that he was just looking for the street before Fallon led him downstairs.

“I’m actually doing this,” Leto said to Fallon while riding an elevator.

He said besides hitchhiking across America, he plans to ride a donkey through the Grand Canyon.

“People are going to watch this and think this is a gag, I’m actually doing this,” he said.

Leto, after arriving on the streets of New York, receives a lift from rapper A$AP Rocky who pulls up to the side of the street in a mini van.

Leto’s hitchhiking journey began Monday in New York with the official Instagram account of Thirty Seconds to Mars posting photos of the Suicide Squad star posing with A$AP Rocky and being surrounded by fans.

Leto, on his Instagram, posted a photo of himself walking alongside a police officer. “THANK YOU to NY’s finest for their kindness + incredible support today!!” he said.

America, the fifth studio album from Thirty Seconds to Mars which includes members Tomo Milicevic and Shannon Leto, is set for release on Friday.