Joe, Kevin Jonas celebrate 10th anniversary of ‘Camp Rock’

Joe, Kevin Jonas celebrate 10th anniversary of 'Camp Rock'

June 21 (UPI) — Joe and Kevin Jonas celebrated the 10th anniversary of Camp Rock on Twitter by sharing their feelings regarding the Disney Channel original movie.

Camp Rock, which also stars Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato, was released on June 20, 2008 and became a hit. A second film, Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam was released in 2010.

“#10YearsOfCampRock well that went by quick! What was I doing with my hair….,” Kevin said on Twitter alongside a photo of the film’s primary cast posing together with instruments.

“10 years of Camp Rock and I’m still bitter we lost,” Joe said in reference to how Camp Rock lost to Camp Star in The Final Jam.

Joe also responded to a fan who tweeted him about how his comment was directed at the sequel instead of the original film. “I know Dani. But Shane Grey never forgets where he came from #stillbitter #theogmrgreywillseeyounow,” he said.

Other stars from the film, including Alyson Stoner and Maria Canals-Barrera, also commented on the 10th anniversary.

“Happy #10YearsOfCampRock from Caitlyn,” Stoner said, referencing her character’s name alongside a video of herself thanking fans.

Kevin, while speaking with E! News, discussed how a third Camp Rock entry was discussed between himself and his brothers and how the film could have been R-rated.

“We talked about it for a minute,” he said. “Doing something ridiculous like an R-rated version now in our life, like a going back to camp kind of thing.”