Kim Jong Un praises K-Pop concert, calls for follow-up event in Seoul

SEOUL, April 1 (UPI) — North Korean media on Monday reported that regime leader Kim Jong Un thoroughly enjoyed the performance of South Korea’s biggest pop acts staged in the capital of Pyongyang.

The state-run Korean Central News Agency reported on the Sunday concert which was held as part of efforts to improve cross-border relations ahead of the two Koreas’ summit later this month.

The agency quoted Kim who said he expressed his gratitude for the 160-member South Korean art troupe who had sincerely prepared for an excellent concert in a short amount of time.

“Our [North Korean] citizens deepened their understanding of the South’s mainstream arts and and I could not help but feel overwhelmed with emotion, seeing them cheer them on from the bottom of their hearts,” he said.

Regarding the two-hour long program which began at 6:50 p.m. Seoul time, under the theme of “Spring is Coming,” Kim stated that the “spring of peace has come upon the South and North.”

“As long as there are efforts to guard and develop this feel-good atmosphere there will always be a spring full of sunshine of bud and blossoming flowers and an abundant autumn of ripening grains,” he said.

According to a South Korean pool report, Kim suggested holding more inter-Korean cultural events. He proposed holding a follow-up concert in Seoul under the title of “Autumn Comes.”

The group of South Korean musicians, who include K-Pop’s biggest names such as Cho Yong-pil, Seo-hyun and Red Velvet, are set to perform a joint concert with North Korean artists on Tuesday at the Ryugyong Jong Ju Yong Gymnasium before returning to Seoul.

South Korea’s presidential office expressed optimism on the North Korean leader’s attendance, remarking that the move will help promote inter-Korean reconciliation and dialogue, Yonhap reported.