Kissing couple fail to notice armed robbery happening around them


BILLINGS, Mont., April 14 (UPI) — Surveillance footage from an armed robbery in Montana is going viral due to a pair of patrons who missed the entire incident while sharing amorous affections.

The Tap Inn bar and casino in Billings was targeted about 1:15 a.m. Monday by a trio of masked robbers, a woman and two men, who displayed a gun and demanded cash from the bartender.

Security cameras recorded the crime, but the real stars of the footage turned out to not be the robbers, but rather a pair of oblivious customers who missed the entire robbery.

The customers, a man and a woman, can be seen kissing and smiling at one another, failing to notice the robbery even when one of the suspects walks past them.

The smooching lovers appear to finally notice the goings-on just as the suspects are fleeing with an undisclosed amount of pilfered cash.

Police said they are looking into whether the robbery was connected to similar incidents in the area.


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