Maine police officer helps free skunk with head caught in McFlurry cup

Sept. 28 (UPI) — A motorcycle officer in Maine carefully rescued a squirrel that was found with a cup stuck on its head.

The York police department shared video of the daring officer as he worked to free the frightened skunk from the tight situation.

“On a recent night shift York Police Motorcycle Officer David McKinnon came to the rescue of a skunk in need of help,” the police department said.

McKinnon tried his best to lure the distressed skunk to him, while keeping himself away from its backside to avoid the possibility of a pungent spray.

He eventually managed to grab a hold of the cup with one hand and desperately tried to pull it off the skunk’s head.

“There we go! See? You’re OK,” McKinnon told the skunk after prying its head loose.

McKinnon quickly backed up after freeing the skunk, still wary of being sprayed.

“Wow, that was a first,” he said through laughter.


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