Man uses wire cutters to free trapped elk from fence

March 28 (UPI) — A British Columbia man who spotted an elk with its legs entangled in a barbed wire fence retrieved some wire cutters and returned to free the animal.

Kate Bremner posted a video to Facebook showing her husband, Mitch Byle, rescuing the elk from the fence Sunday outside of Princeton.

Bremner said she and Byle were driving home from her parents’ house when they spotted the elk struggling to free itself near the road.

“We actually turned around to our house and grabbed [wire cutters] and came back to get her out. We couldn’t just leave her there,” Bremner told the Vancouver Sun.

The elk, a yearling female, appeared to have been trapped in the wires for at least 20 minutes.

“She was pretty tired when we found her,” she said.

Bremner said the rescue took less than 20 seconds.

“Her herd was already up the mountain side but we saw her spot them and make it back with them,” she said.