Michigan couple credits karma for three big lottery wins in one month

Jan. 22 (UPI) — A Michigan couple who have won three big lottery jackpots in the few weeks since the year began credited their good luck to karmic rewards.

Steven and Donna Stone of Marion said their good luck began on New Year’s Eve when they bought a Club Keno ticket the Marion Shell gas station and won $5,000.

The couple bought another Club Keno ticket the next day at a 7-Eleven store in Mount Pleasant while visiting Steve’s parents.

“On the way home we stopped at a gas station in Clare because I had to use the bathroom. And when I went in, I bought five scratch-offs, and every single one was a winner,” Steve Stone told the Marion Press.

“So, I’m sitting there in the restroom of the gas station,” he said, “And I’m checking my phone: one number match, then two numbers, then three, and after seven numbers, I’m thinking, oh my God. We matched nine numbers. I was like, ‘this ain’t real.’ I was fainting.”

The couple said their luck continued when they won another $5,000 jackpot on Friday.

“All of the good things we have done, I felt like its karma,” Steve Stone said.

The couple said their recent good deeds include tracking down the owner of a lost purse and giving money to friends in need, despite their own hardships during the past year.

“Appliances, refrigerator, the washer, the dryer, and the roof started leaking, we had car accidents. I had a botched surgery on my knee and I was sick for a while. It was just one thing after another,” Donna Stone told WWTV/WWUP-TV.

The couple said they used some of their winnings to buy furniture for a a burglar victim they met while dining at Subway and they plan to continue giving.

“We are donating to St. Jude cancer fund,” Steve Stone said.


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