Motorcyclist walks away from caught-on-camera crash unharmed

April 3 (UPI) — A Texas motorcyclist’s helmet camera was recording when he escaped injury in a crash by clinging to the bottom of an overturned SUV.

Malik Elizee posted a video to YouTube showing the footage recorded by his GoPro camera on Saturday when a vehicle ran a red light and crashed into an SUV and car in front of the motorcycle.

Elizee is thrown from his motorcycle, but manages to hold onto the bottom of the overturned SUV as it skids across the road. He is then able to get down to the road and run to the sidewalk unharmed.

“I was definitely lucky to get out without having to go to the hospital, getting crushed between the two cars, or run over by the Camaro,” Elizee told WFAA-TV. “That was a reality check.”

He said the SUV shielded him from harm.

“I grabbed it so it helped me have better forward momentum. As soon as the Camaro hit us, you see my bike fly off so I’m basically in the air,” he said. “I don’t know how to describe what I did, it was almost like I was flailing my legs to kind of run forward to avoid being crushed.”

Elizee said the frame slider installed on his motorcycle kept it from being severely damaged in the crash and he was able to ride it home.

The motorcyclist said this was the third time he has been hit by another vehicle in two years, but he doesn’t plan to stop riding.

“I don’t think I’m ready to give it up,” he said.