Mountain lion strolls through California neighborhood

April 19 (UPI) — A California man said he was checking his home security camera footage and was shocked to see a mountain lion wander past his house.

Steve Guevara, 64, said he was reviewing the footage on the camera pointing toward the road from his San Jose home when he spotted the large adult cougar.

“I was looking through footage from the camera and I happened to notice this thing just walking down the sidewalk in front of my house,” Guevara told the San Jose Mercury News. “We have a very narrow sidewalk and it was walking along, then stopped near my car for a second, then continued down the sidewalk, heading down Juliet Avenue and then heading down Rosemar Avenue.”

He said the mountain lion walked by Monday night just before midnight.

San Jose Animal Care and Services said no mountain lion sightings were reported in the area Monday night.