NBA player Jeremy Lin responds to woman who accidentally got tattoo of his name

CHARLOTTE, N.C., April 13 (UPI) — Online bulletin reddit helped NBA player Jeremy Lin connect with a woman who accidentally got his name tattooed on her ankle.

Holland Christensen of Tennessee wound up with Lin’s name tattooed on her ankle after being mislead when she asked someone online to translate a phrase into Chinese characters, as she explained in a YouTube video.

She then decided to own up to the mistake and become a fan of Lin and his team the Charlotte Hornets.

“I figure if I am going to have his name on me forever I should at least see the guy play,” Christensen wrote in a reddit post. “He seems like an awesome person and through all this I have become a fan of the Hornets and the NBA in general.”

She shared her story and a photo of the tattoo to reddit on Friday, as she was looking for someone to accompany her to a game between the Hornets and the Brooklyn Nets in Charlotte.

Christensen’s story caught the attention of Lin, who shared his own reddit post showing off a photo of him copying the tattoo with a sharpie.

“Saw this tattoo online and copied it, anyone know what it means?” Lin wrote.

The two eventually connected in the thread, as Lin thanked Christensen for being a fan and encouraged her to attend one of the team’s playoff games.

“In all seriousness, thank you for your support and for sharing your story,” Lin wrote. “Glad you were able to turn a mistake into something positive!”

Christensen edited the images of their tattoos together and said she hopes to meet Lin in person the next time she’s in Charlotte.


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