New York subway rider shares video of ‘Pizza Rat’ return

May 1 (UPI) — A commuter at a New York subway station captured video that appears to show the triumphant return of the city’s legendary “Pizza Rat.”

User @michaelcourant posted a video to Instagram showing a rat dragging a slice of cheese pizza at the Lexington Avenue/59th Street subway station in Manhattan.

“I JUST SAW PIZZA RAT!” the post reads. “I repeat: I JUST SAW PIZZA RAT!”

“Pizza Rat” became famous in September 2015 when a subway commuter’s video of a rat dragging a slice of pizza down the stairs at the First Avenue/14th Street station went viral.

Numerous viral videos followed showing rats performing other strange feats and dragging foods at city subway stations. A performance artist known as Zardulu claimed to have staged some of the videos, but it was unclear if she had any connection to the most recent clip.