North Korea newspaper warns against ‘fantasy of peace’

April 6 (UPI) — North Koreans are being called to arm themselves with state ideology, following two recent South Korean concerts in Pyongyang.

The appeal to traditional notions of North Korean patriotism is being made as new activity was detected in the country’s main nuclear research center.

Korean Workers’ Party newspaper Rodong Sinmun stated Friday the pursuit of “revolutionary ideology education” is an urgent issue.

“The root of subjugation is dependency on others, that turns a country into a vassal state,” the Rodong stated. “The psychic driving force that enables the socialist cause to move boldly forward is the high revolutionary enthusiasm of the people.”

The North Korean newspaper also warned readers about lapsing into ease with peace.

“The total power of our nation has been strengthened so hostile forces cannot play with fire,” the newspaper stated. “But under these conditions the fantasy of peace can grow in people’s minds.”

The Rodong stated North Koreans should maintain an alert or readiness posture and that the “nature of imperialism is invasion and war.”

In March, North Korea condemned “ideological elements that hinder socialism,” a possible reference to the secret consumption of foreign and South Korea media in the North.

The statement issued Friday did not mention nuclear weapons, but according to 38 North, North Korea may have begun a digging project in order to “provide a more steady flow of water into the [Yongbyon] facility.”

“This would allow for the reactor to run more continuously and safely in the future,” Frank V. Pabian, Joseph S. Bermudez Jr., and Jack Liu wrote.

Satellite images from March show North Korea may have shut down the plutonium production reactor at Yongbyon, however.

Both China and South Korea have stated Kim Jong Un has expressed an interest in taking steps toward denuclearization.