Oakland A’s fan catches two foul balls on two straight pitches

June 11 (UPI) — An Oakland Athletics fan caught foul balls on consecutive pitches during a win against the Kansas City Royals.

The man was sitting between home plate and first base Sunday at Oakland Coliseum. Athletics second baseman Chad Pinder was at the plate in the bottom of the sixth inning during Oakland’s 3-2 triumph.

Rangers relief pitcher Scott Barlow began his exchange with Pinder by tossing a 76-mph curveball for a ball. He then tossed in a 90.8-mph fastball. Pinder took a big hack and sent the ball behind the plate and over the protective netting.

The baseball sailed up into the stands toward a man wearing a white tank top and an A’s hat, identified as “Bill” by MLB.com. He stood and waited for the ball before putting both hands up and making the snare.

Barlow then settled in for the third pitch of his face-off with Pinder. The second baseman hacked away at the 91.8-mph offering, sending it to a familiar spot. The ball once again carried toward Bill, who is from Pittsburgh.

Bill decided to earn some style points that time around. The ball closed in on the man, before he stuck out his right hand, making a one-handed snare.

The souvenir scavenger laughed off the oddity of catching consecutive foul balls before placing his latest prize in his right pocket.

This isn’t the first time an A’s fan has made catches on consecutive pitches. The same thing happened in 2017 during a game against the Atlanta Braves. That A’s fan ended up catching a third ball later in the game.