Pirates pitcher Steven Brault sings national anthem before Brewers game

Pirates pitcher Steven Brault sings national anthem before Brewers game

June 19 (UPI) — Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Steven Brault came out of the bullpen to sing the national anthem Tuesday at PNC Park in Pittsburgh.

The 26-year-old was at home plate before the Pirates took on the Milwaukee Brewers. Brault got a few tips from his teammates before stepping on the field and belting out the song.

Brault is a three-year Major League Baseball veteran. He also isn’t new to showing off his vocal range. He majored in vocal performance at Regis University in Colorado and participated in theater and choir as a child.

The Pirates made Brault concert posters before the performance. They also gave away signed versions of the posters on Twitter.

Brault also sang the national anthem before games during his time in Minor League Baseball.

“Hopefully after that, [teammates] will want me to sing more and not be like, ‘Hey, don’t ever, ever do that ever again,’” Brault told reporters, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “So we will see.”

Brault has previously posted videos of himself singing and playing the guitar on social media. He posted photos with his band in 2014. The Street Gypsies have a full playlist on Soundcloud.

“It’s something specifically my grandma always wanted me to do,” Brault told MLB.com. “She wanted me to sing the national anthem before a Major League game that I got to play in, so that’s part of it.”

Brault is 5-1 this season with a 4.38 ERA in 19 appearances. He owns a 4.60 ERA for his career.