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Pogo athlete sets records for longest jump, most no-handed back flips


Feb. 13 (UPI) — Russian professional Xpogo athlete Dmitry Arsenyev showed off his skills by breaking a pair of world records

Arsenyev traveled to Wilkinsburg, Penn. to break the Guinness World Records for most consecutive no-handed back flips on a pogo stick and highest jump on a pogo stick as part of Whistle Sports’ Chronicles of a Record Breaker series.

First Arsenyev attempted the no-handed back flip record which required him to complete more than seven consecutive flips on his pogo stick and release his hands from the handlebars while upside-down, without falling off or losing control.

He narrowly topped the previous record by completing eight no-handed back flips before landing outside of the cushioned area provided for him.

Next Arsenyev attempted the record for highest jump on a pogo stick, which Xpogo co-founder Nick Ryan described as “the mother of all pogo records.”

He built up momentum with several bounces before vaulting over a pole set at 11 feet 0.99 inches high, about a half-inch higher than the previous record of 11 feet and half an inch.

“When you know you’ll do it, you’ll do it,” Arsenyev said of completing the record-breaking feats.


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