Police officer fails to keep his cool, succeeds in driving off snake


Sept. 27 (UPI) — Police at the University of Central Florida shared a video of an officer failing to keep his calm but succeeding in driving away an invading snake.

The UCF Police Department posted a video to Facebook showing a wastebasket-wielding police officer attempting to drive a snake out of a university building.

A woman with an umbrella pokes at the snake, causing it to slither out of the room and toward a door that has been blocked with boxes.

The officer initially appears as though he is about to join the fray, but upon spotting the serpent he lets out a scream and a string of profanities.

The snake heads for an outside door, allowing the officer to regain his composure enough to chase after it and shout, “The door! Somebody open the door!”

The group temporarily loses track of the snake, causing the officer to once again lose his cool in the face of danger noodle, but he quickly spots it again and opens the door for the snake to escape.

“We catch bad guys, not snakes,” the post said. “Even our officers get a little scared sometimes.”


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