Police probe bizarre doll concert at North Carolina park

April 3 (UPI) — Residents and police in a North Carolina town were left scratching their heads by a bizarre display set up using toys at a public park.

Celebrants at a birthday party Monday at Jake Rusher Park in Arden discovered a strange scene — more than three dozen dolls and other toys arranged in a semi-circle around a toy saxophonist giving a mock performance.

The park is currently undergoing $825,000 worth of improvements approved by officials last year.

“Do these dollies come alive at night and play on the playground that we’re playing on right now?” birthday boy Ethan theorized in an interview with WLOS-TV.

“We thought it was a little strange,”Ethan’s mother, Erin Creasman, said. “Weren’t really sure what it was out here for. We’re guessing maybe lost animals that were left at the playground. Not really sure.”

Ashville police confirmed officers visited the park to check out the unusual spectacle. Investigators determined there was no criminal intent, but they put out two lit candles set up as part of the display.