Rockers Interpol see energy on new album

Interpol Guitarist Daniel Kessler, Drummer Sam Fogarino and Singer/Guitarist Paul Banks onstage at the Virgin Festival in 2007

Mexico City (AFP) – Interpol, the New York indie rockers known for their dark yet energetic post-punk, on Thursday unveiled a new album that they described as raw in feel.

After more than a year of hinting at an upcoming release, Interpol announced at an event in Mexico City that the band’s sixth studio album, “Marauder,” would come out on August 24.

Descending a staircase in their trademark dark suits to the sounds of charging new single “The Rover,” the trio took seats for a livestreamed press conference with Mexican journalists as well as fans.

Drummer Sam Fogarino said that Interpol was working on an album in a basement at the same time that the band was touring for the 15th anniversary of its debut album, 2002’s “Turn on the Bright Lights.”

“Simply put, it just injected that live energy into the process,” he said.

The band recorded the album in upstate New York with Dave Fridmann, the producer known for his work with Scottish noise rockers Mogwai and the psychedelic Flaming Lips.

Fogarino said that Interpol recorded “Marauder” as if playing together live, not breaking out each instrument in the studio.

“So this is pretty raw,” Fogarino said, describing the band as intentionally “handcuffing” itself by not relying on digital technology.

Interpol was one of the major bands in a post-punk revival in early 21st-century New York, with dark layers of guitar and heavy bass that drew parallels to Joy Division.

While the band will release “Marauder” with a show in New York, Mexico has long offered a major fan base.

“Mexico is the country that has really, unconditionally been supportive of us in a way that’s been unparallelled to anywhere else in the world,” guitarist Daniel Kessler said.