Ryan breaks from Trump in judgment of FBI’s Russia probe

Ryan breaks from Trump in judgment of FBI's Russia probe

June 6 (UPI) — House Speaker Paul Ryan opposed President Donald Trump Wednesday by siding with the FBI in its investigation of possible Russian involvement in the 2016 presidential election.

Ryan said at a Wednesday news conference House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. Trey Gowdy was “accurate” in backing the FBI it its investigation of possible Russian links to Trump’s presidential campaign.

Trump had suggested an FBI “spy” was embedded in the campaign for “political purposes.”

Ryan told reporters he’s seen “seen no evidence to the contrary” of Gowdy’s assessment that no such spy was planted. He added there’s “more digging to do” before a final judgment is made.

Ryan also said he disagrees with a tweet this week in which Trump indicated he has authority to pardon himself, if needed.

Asked by reporters if pardoning himself would be a wise move for Trump, Ryan answered, “I think obviously the answer is he shouldn’t.

“No one is above the law.”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell echoed those remarks Tuesday, telling reporters Trump should not consider pardoning himself if it came to that.

“I don’t think the president needs any advice on pardoning himself. He obviously knows that’s not something he would or should do,” the Senate’s top Republican said.

Trump cited “numerous legal scholars” to support his tweet, which added he’s “done nothing wrong.”