Scottish school seeking author of message in a bottle

April 12 (UPI) — A Scottish elementary school is searching for the author of a message in a bottle found during a recent beach clean-up event.

Inverkip Primary School said faculty members were able to open the bottle and discovered a letter signed Andrew Meers and dated 2007.

Teachers said the message was faded, but they worked to type out an approximation of the letter.

The message reads: “Dear Rescuer, I am floating out to sea — holding on to a piece of driftwood. Last landmark — Greenock Esplanade. I have been surviving on seaweed and fish. I am not sure my body can take much more. My co-ordinates are 30 degrees longitude and 24 degrees latitude heading for the arctic circle –can see polar bears and penguins too. You will be rewarded with some of my treasure… if you send help. Yours Helplessly Andrew Meers.”

Faculty members said the coordinates in the letter, which appears to be tongue-in-cheek, are not believed to be accurate.

“The children are very eager to find out who Andrew Meers is and if we can get in touch with him, if anyone knows of him we would love to hear from you,” teacher Victoria Chalmers told the Largs and Millport Weekly News.

The bottle was discovered during a March 24 beach clean-up effort and was opened the following Monday. Teachers then worked to decipher the faded message.