Sears expands auto partnership with Amazon to 118 stores

Sears expands auto partnership with Amazon to 118 stores

June 12 (UPI) — Sears announced plans Tuesday to expand the number of its auto service departments nationwide, as part of its partnership with online retailer Amazon.

The company said an additional 81 stores will begin offering the option to buy tires on Amazon and have them shipped to Sears stores — bringing the total number of locations to 118.

“Amazon customer reviews have been very positive and we are two months ahead of schedule,” Sears Automotive Vice President Mike McCarthy said.

Last month, Sears announced its original collaboration with Amazon that enabled all tires ordered on Amazon to be installed at 47 Sears Auto Centers.

McCarthy said the partnership with Amazon is bringing new customers — noting about 90 percent who buy tires from Amazon are new to Sears.

Sears shared spiked as much as 12 percent following Tuesday’s announcement, with stocks trading up about 1 percent.

Earlier this year, Sears announced plans to close 72 of 100 department store locations that are no longer profitable.

The Chicago-based chain announced plans in January to close 39 Sears locations and 64 Kmart stores, in addition to dozens more revealed last year.