Steelers’ JuJu Smith-Schuster shows off dog’s uncanny athletic ability

April 25 (UPI) — You may think JuJu Smith-Schuster has a bright future in the NFL, due to his supreme athletic ability.

But have you seen his dog, Boujee?

The tiny French bulldog showed off his hops Tuesday, via his dad’s social media accounts. Smith-Schuster posted footage of his famous pet trapped behind the tall walls of his cage while he wasn’t home. The dog pondered for a second, before deciding to leap over one of the sides of the fence, which looked to be at least four feet high.

After a running start, Boujee got most of his upper body above the edge of the fence. He then used his back legs to scurry the rest of his tiny frame over the barrier. He fell on some nearby furniture, before taking on his next task: securing a bag of Starburst candy.

“This is how I get out when my dad isn’t home,” Smith-Schuster wrote on his dog’s Instagram account.

“Bad Boujee. #PrisonBreak,” the Steelers wide receiver wrote on his personal account.

Smith-Schuster edited the video with music from Mission Impossible.

While Smith-Schuster is known for his social media aptitude, the 6-month-old pooch is no slouch.

The dog has more than 101,000 followers on his personal Instagram account and nearly 10,000 Twitter followers.

Look out Tokyo 2020, there is a new high-jumper in town.