Superheroes: Disneyland Paris opens Avengers-themed season


CHESSY, France (AP) — Helicopters, concept cars and swat teams heralded the launch of the first Avengers-themed season at Disneyland Paris following the announcement of a $2.5 billion park expansion plan that will feature Marvel superheroes.

Movie and sports stars gathered Saturday night for the season opening that sees the resort go one step closer into merging its traditional universe with Marvel’s.

Resort president Catherine Powell said she was “delighted to have the Avengers assemble in Disneyland Paris for the first time ever.”

Behind the spectacle lies hard-negotiated business expansion plans that will roll out in phases beginning in 2020. It includes three new areas based on Marvel superheroes as well as “Frozen” and “Star Wars” movies.

It was unveiled in February following a meeting between French President Emmanuel Macron and Disney.


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