Terma designing air and missile defense system for Danish Navy

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, April 13 (UPI) — The Danish Defense Acquisition and Logistics Organization has contracted Terma to design an integrated air and missile defense system, or IAMD.

The system will be for at least one Iver Huitfeldt-class frigate of the Royal Danish Navy, giving it a ballistic missile defense sensor capability in line with NATO’s BMD system needs.

“Under this contract with the Danish Navy, we will leverage our extensive experience as the leading Danish company within the BMD and IAMD domains to support the Danish Navy in preparing for this capability to be added to the Iver Huitfeldt-class multi-mission frigates,” said Thomas Blom, Terma’s senior vice president, Command, Control & Sensor Systems.

“Because they were designed to be prepared for this mission, the frigate-based BMD offering to NATO is the most affordable option with the lowest risk for a country such as Denmark, while at the same time providing the only realistic pathway to a later engagement capability.”

Terma’s involvement in BMD dates to 2004, when Denmark signed a deal with the United States to allow the upgrade the Thule radar as part of the U.S. BMD System.

Terma has been working in the BMD and IAMD domains since then with international partners.


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