Territorial goose wreaks havoc on Florida neighborhood

April 11 (UPI) — Residents of a Florida neighborhood said a lone goose is terrorizing the area by breaking windows and chasing locals who get too close.

Neighbors on Green Reed Road in DeBary said the goose has been living in the area for some time, but only recently turned aggressive.

“He had a friend and then the friend passed,” Jennifer Gesule told WKMG-TV. “I don’t know what happened with the friend, but his friend died and that’s when the goose went a little bit crazy.”

She said the goose acts aggressively toward pedestrians, especially children.

“He usually follows the kids home from the bus stop or he tries to attack everyone who is at the bus stop,” she said.

Leah Jones Digges said the goose has torn apart several window screens in the neighborhood.

“He’s also broken several windows,” Digges said. “You can’t even sit out in your yard in peace anymore because of this guy.”

Some neighbors said they have contacted wildlife services in an attempt to have the bird removed or relocated.