Todd Chrisley on reaching 100 episodes: ‘It’s our life, it’s our truth’

June 19 (UPI) — Todd Chrisley, the star of USA’s Chrisley Knows Best, considers the show to be an honest look at his family and their history.

Chrisley Knows Best, in its sixth season, stars the witty real estate mogul along with his wife, Julie; their children, Savannah, Chase and Grayson; his mother, Faye; and his granddaughter Chloe as they navigate through the ups and downs of life together.

The show first aired on USA Network in March 2014 and has retained a dedicated audience with its humor, faith-based lessons, unique family moments — including Chase being forced into a double blind date and Faye getting arrested as part of a practical joke — and Todd’s quote-worthy takes on dating, travel and how to succeed in life.

“There is no scripting in this show. You can’t script the crazy [expletive] that I go through in my life everyday. There’s not a writer in Hollywood that is twisted enough to create the scenarios that go on in my life,” Chrisley, 49, said in an interview with UPI.

He said he feels blessed that the series has lasted so long.

“I think that all of our episodes are special,” he said. “It’s our life, it’s our truth. It’s what we’re going through.”

The 100th episode, set to air Tuesday at 10:30 ET following a new episode at 10 p.m., will take a look back at some of the greatest moments on the show and explore how the family got to where they are today. The rest of Season 6, Chrisley said, will feature more of Chloe, Savannah and her new boyfriend, professional hockey player Nic Kerdiles, and the start of his move into a new house.

Savannah Chrisley, 20, a growing celebrity whose love life grabs headlines, appears to have found a partner Todd approves of and has welcomed into the family.

“He loves her in a pair of sweats with her hair pulled back in a pony tail as much as he loves her, if not more than, if she is hitting a red carpet,” Todd Chrisley said of why he has taken a liking to Kerdiles after things fell apart with her ex, Luke Kennard of the Detroit Pistons.

Savannah had confirmed on social media in June 2017 that she was dating Kennard as he was drafted by the Pistons. The relationship didn’t last long. Todd said Kennard cheated on his daughter.

“He did what NBA players are known for doing,” her father said.

Chrisley, looking into the future of his show and his family, hinted that more Chrisley spinoffs are in the works in the coming years and that he would like future seasons of Chrisley Knows Best to include discussions on politics.

“I would like the show to evolve in a way that is relevant. I would like the show to evolve with my children having political opinions. And learning what politics truly means,” Todd said. “I want the show to continue to evolve in truth. To where you can see us addressing how we truly feel about certain situations that are going on around us.”