Town’s new public toilets come with anti-sex security measures

Aug. 19 (UPI) — A Welsh town said the new public toilets set to be installed in a local park will feature security measures aimed at discouraging sexual activities.

The town of Porthcawl, which is spending more than $200,000 to replace the bathroom facilities at Griffin Park, said the new toilets will feature security measures aimed at discouraging vandalism, smoking and sexual activities.

The facilities, which officials said members of the public will have to pay to use, will have features including weight-sensitive floors, designed to determine whether there is more than one person inside the bathroom. The stalls are designed to automatically open the doors, shoot water jets and sound high-pitched alarms if there are any “violent movements” inside.

The stalls also feature timed lights and sirens to deter sleeping and graffiti-resistant walls.

Smoking inside a bathroom stall will cause fire-prevention measures to trigger, planning documents state, drenching the offending party.

The toilets will be closed for 10 minutes per day while a high-powered self cleaning mechanism is triggered.


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