Handheld explosives trace detector makes debut

ATLANTA, Oct. 1 (UPI) —

Rapiscan Systems Inc. has launched a new handheld explosive trace detection system called DETECTRA HX.

The device features high-throughput and high-detection capabilities for detecting trace explosives in both particulate and vapor form on surfaces that may have directly or indirectly absorbed explosive residues.

It also features a swipe sampling system and a "touch-free inhalation sampling method for threat scenarios that involve highly unpredictable explosives compositions."

"The RAPISCAN DETECTRA HX was completely designed with the end-user in mind," said Brad Buswell, president of Rapiscan Systems North America. “Not only does the solution detect threats with tremendous accuracy, it also features an intuitive user interface with just three-buttons and detects threats in seconds.

"Operator training can take as little as an hour, which means that the DETECTRA HX is easy to deploy."

Rapiscan said there are no end-user radiation licensing requirements for use in the United States. The system uses an ionization source which has U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Exempt Distribution status.

DETECTRA HX was launched at the 60th Annual ASIS International Seminar and Exhibit in Atlanta, Ga.