Michigan GOP mailer urges harassment of John Fisher's 91-year-old mother


PORTAGE, Mich., Oct. 2 (UPI) —

A Democratic candidate for Michigan state office offered harsh words for the local GOP after the statewide party sent a mailer urging supporters to harass the Democrat’s elderly mother and provided her phone number.

A set of flyers, paid for and sent by the Michigan Republican Party, called on sympathizers to regurgitate broad and nonspecific opposition talking points to 61st state House District Candidate John Fisher.

"Tell him hard-working Michiganders are being hurt by Obamacare and the health care policies [Democrats] support," the mailer commands. Unfortunately for Fisher and his family, rather than list a number at which the politicians could be reached, the Michigan GOP printed the number for Fisher’s mother’s room at Tendercare Portage, a hospice facility where the 91-year-old is receiving hospice care for congestive heart failure.

"To direct people to call a suffering woman who deserves peace and comfort is beyond the pale," Fisher said in a statement.

"Their lack of ethics and contempt for personal privacy is just another reason for people to question what — or better, who — the Republican Party stands for, so that they can make a wise decision at the ballot box on Nov. 4."


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