Walmart plans corporate name change next year

Dec. 6 (UPI) — Walmart said Wednesday it will change its official corporate name next year — to reflect how their customers want to shop.

The Arkansas-based company said the decision represents a “symbol of how customers are shopping us today and how they’ll increasingly shop us in the future.

The company will go from Wal-Mart Stores Inc. to the simpler Walmart Inc.

“There is just one Walmart as far as our customers are concerned. When they shop with us, they expect it to be an easy and seamless experience.

“Changing our corporate name to Walmart is a way of better reflecting our company’s path to win the future of retail.”

Walmart said the change also takes the company back to its roots, when Sam Walton first opened the store in 1962 under the name “Walmart.” It changed the name to Wal-Mart Stores Inc. in 1970 when it went public.

“We felt it was best to have a name that was consistent with the idea that you can shop us however you like as a customer,” Doug McMillon, Wal-Mart president and CEO, said.

Officials, however, won’t change the company cheer employees shout at meetings by spelling out the name “Wal-Mart” and shimmying their hips when they reach the hyphen, known as the “squiggly.”

“It’s important to have some fun at work, so for our associates in countries where your cheer calls for the squiggly, keep doing it!” McMillion said.

The name change will take effect Feb. 1.