Water skier’s close call with flying bull shark caught on camera

Feb. 14 (UPI) — A camera filming a water skier’s practice run in Australia captured the moment the man nearly collided with a bull shark that jumped out of the water.

The video, filmed on the Brisbane River in Queensland, shows the water skier moving back and forth in the water behind a boat when a bull shark flies out of the water and nearly collides with the skier.

“I was actually being filmed to see my style and improve my speed in wake-crosses,” the water skier wrote.

“I did not actually know I was so close to being hit by the flying shark at 70 kilometers per hour [43 mph] until I finished my run and I heard some excitement from the boat. The crew in the boat were watching the video back to check what they thought they viewed so close to taking me out. So I jumped in to check it out. After the excitement and realization of how close that actually was in slow-mo, I went back in for my next run! It was a bit too close for comfort.”