White House aide’s backers target Red Hen…. in Canada

Backers of White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders -- who was refused service in a Virginia restaurant -- have taken to social media to bash a restaurant with a similar name... in Canada

Ottawa (AFP) – Washington is buzzing over a Virginia restaurant’s decision not to serve White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders over her work for Donald Trump, but the reverberations are even being felt in… Canada.

A diner in Ontario province, the Olde Red Hen in Collingwood, has seen its Facebook page peppered with hateful comments and poor reviews from Americans unhappy about how Sanders was treated.

“Hope you go out of business you liberal trash,” posted Thomas Collins of Maryland.

“Shame on you,” echoed Connie Szczepanik. “Bigots and hypocrites!”

Olde Red Hen owner Diane Smith said she has sought to respond to each individually in order to point out the case of mistaken identity — and to invite them for breakfast at the 1950s-style diner.

Collingwood, a small town on the shores of Georgian Bay, is about 200 kilometers (125 miles) north of Toronto.

“Please note all the hate and bad reveiws (sic) and ratings today are the result of president trumps press secretary sarah saunders (sic) being asked to leave a restaurant in the states called the red hen,” Smith said in a post.

“Somehow our restaurant facebook link was forwarded around and all these comments were posted by americans towards the restaurant in virginia.”

Some of the comments were later withdrawn.

The owner of the Red Hen in Lexington, Virginia refused to serve Sanders Friday evening, asking the Trump aide and her party to leave after they had been seated, saying she could not accept a defender of the president’s “cruelest policies.”

Another restaurant with the same name, the Red Hen in downtown Washington, was also receiving abusive messages from Sanders supporters confused about where Friday’s incident took place.