Winnie Harlow: ‘America’s Next Top Model’ did nothing for my career

Winnie Harlow: 'America's Next Top Model' did nothing for my career

May 10 (UPI) — America’s Next Top Model alum Winnie Harlow says the show did nothing for her career.

The 23-year-old Canadian model, born Chantelle Brown-Young, said on Wednesday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live that America’s Next Top Model didn’t contribute to her success in the fashion industry.

“I really started after the show because that really didn’t do anything for my career, which it doesn’t do anything for any model’s career, realistically,” she told host Andy Cohen.

Harlow placed sixth in America’s Next Top Model Season 21, which aired in 2014. She said appearing on The CW/VH1 reality competition didn’t provide as many opportunities as she hoped it would.

“That’s why I went on, because I thought that was going to be a career-starter. But it was really, like, a reality TV show. That’s not what I signed up for,” the star said.

“It was still a part of my history and I’m really grateful for everything I’ve done to get where I am,” she qualified.

Harlow, who has the skin condition vitiligo, has since modeled for Desigual, Diesel and Swarovski. She further discussed her experience with America’s Next Top Model in an Instagram post Thursday.

“After it was known i was going to be on a reality show, no agency would book me, no one would work with me & i was told it was because i was now branded a ‘reality break out star’ not actually a model, before the show was even aired,” the model wrote.

“From my experience the best way to become a model is to find a reputable agency who believes in you and work hard, not being on tv as they’re 2 different industries,” she said.