Wisconsin man finds World War II-era bazooka rocket in basement

FOND DU LAC, Wis., April 15 (UPI) — A Wisconsin police department shut down a two-block area when a man brought in a World War II-era bazooka rocket he found in his basement.

The Fond du Lac Police Department closed down the roads for two square blocks surrounding the City County Government Center Tuesday night after resident Jim Thomas brought the anti-tank explosive to the Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Office.

Thomas said he found the bazooka rocket Tuesday night while cleaning his basement.

“Routine house cleaning, maintenance, cleaning an old shelf in the basement that had been there forever, I looked up and it had a false top, a top that no one’s ever noticed. I saw the old motor sitting up there in the rafters,” Thomas told WLUK-TV.

Thomas said he decided to transport the rocket to police himself because he comes from a military background.

The Brown County Bomb Squad was called to the City County Government Center and dismantled the device, determining it was an inert training round.

“It’s a little unnerving anytime you find something like this, because you never know what can happen,” Fond du Lac police Assistant Chief Steve Klein told the Fond du Lac Reporter.

He said police made the right call by being cautious.

“You’re talking about a rocket propelled grenade that’s oftentimes used to take out tanks and things of that nature,” Klein said.

Klein advised residents who make similar discoveries not to try to move suspected explosive devices.

“Leave those devices right where they’re at and just call law enforcement, we’ll come in and assess the situation,” Klein said.


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