Women march in Las Vegas, another day of protest

Women march in Las Vegas, another day of protest

Los Angeles (AFP) – In a second day of US demonstrations for women’s rights and against President Donald Trump, marchers took to streets of Las Vegas on Sunday.

The rally aimed to highlight the need for political organization ahead of mid-term congressional elections set for later this year.

“We have to march together, we have to organize together, we have to mobilize together and we have to vote together, even when we don’t like one another,” said Tamika Mallory, co-chairwoman of the national Women’s March organization, in Las Vegas. 

“We have the power to change every policy and make every elected official work for us…. but we must stand up and be loud and be bold.”

Demonstrators in the desert city marched and chanted “Power to the polls.”

Some waved signs saying, “You can’t fix stupid but you can vote it out,” “The president of the US is a racist,” and “We’re not gonna take it sisters.”

Still others chanted “Equal work, equal pay.”

Saturday, demonstrators took to the streets en masse around the United States banging drums and donning pink hats for a second Women’s March opposing the president — a year to the day since Trump’s inauguration, when more than three million people turned out nationwide to voice opposition to Trump.

Hundreds of thousands of marchers assembled in Los Angeles, New York, Washington, Chicago, Denver, Boston and other cities nationwide.

Many donned pink knit “pussy hats” — a reference to Trump’s boast of his license to grope women without repercussions.


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