‘Wonder Woman’ Lynda Carter honored with star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

'Wonder Woman' Lynda Carter honored with star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

April 3 (UPI) — Wonder Woman actress Lynda Carter was honored with the 2,632nd star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame on Tuesday.

Carter, 66, looked back on her five decades as an actress, singer and pageant queen as she paid homage to the comic-book character who helped skyrocket her career and put her hands on her hips and crossed her arms in her trademark poses.

“Wonder Woman gave birth to my career, and now we have come full circle and we have millions of new fans,” Carter said. “It seems impossible, but I have been in the entertainment industry for more than 50 years — do the math — and I have loved it all.”

Carter made her first television appearance at age 5, made her professional singing debut at 14 and became Miss World America in 1972.

Hollywood Chamber of Commerce President Leron Gubler said above all else Carter’s portrayal of Wonder Woman “a character she infused with such depth and humor” helped make the character “most indelible characters in television history.”

Carter also received praise from the women responsible for the most recent portrayal of the character as Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins spoke on her behalf at the ceremony.

“It was Lynda’s portrayal of Wonder Woman that made me fall in love with her because her Wonder Woman made me believe that I could have whatever I wanted, and even more importantly, it made me unashamed to want it,” Jenkins said. “She wasn’t afraid to be soft while tough, she wasn’t afraid to be as loving as she was strong, she wasn’t afraid to love being a woman and celebrate her femininity, all while kicking ass and changing the world.”

New Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot shared a congratulatory message to Carter on Twitter.

“Thank you for your loving kindness shared by the sisterhood of women of wonder,” Gadot wrote.

Carter thanked her “wonderful fans” and expressed her “unending gratitude” to her family for making her career possible.

“Through the ups and downs and the good times and bad, you have enriched my life and you have always been there for me,” she said.