Geraldo Rivera: Schools Need Armed Guards, Can’t Depend On Obama

Fox News
Fox News

In reaction to the heinous October 1 attack on innocent lives at Umpqua Community College, Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera suggested schools must hire armed guards because they cannot trust Obama to take on the gun lobby.

After making sure to throw a bone to the  hard left crowd by calling America a “gun sick nation” eaten up with “2nd Amendemnt bulls**t,” Rivera suggested Obama’s lack of determination leaves schools no choice but to fend for themselves.

Following Obama’s comments on the UCC shooting, Rivera posted the following to Facebook:

The president’s anguish over this latest campus massacre is no doubt genuine. We share his grief. He says grief is not enough, that we have to do something. Why not tell us what to do Mr President? What bill do you offer, what legislative scheme? Will you rally the governors you cited? Tell us how to stop this in the real world, with implementable steps that do not require some vast left wing conspiracy.You blame the gun lobby? Why not take them on? Confront the NRA and call out every hack who ever took money from them. By all means do these things. But until the coming of utopia, advise every educational institution of a certain size to have one armed guard on premises to fight fire with fire.

A frustrated Rivera even took time to point out what he calls “malpractice” for schools like UCC to do other than have an armed response in place for unexpected attacks. Breitbart News previously reported that UCC is not only a gun free campus, but a campus on which security guards are unarmed as well.

Rivera wrote:

Isn’t it malpractice per se for any educational institution not to have at least one armed guard on campus trained and ready to fight gunfire with gunfire?  Cops are great, but unless someone is right there, armed and ready, locked and loaded, innocents will continue to be slaughtered by gun-empowered, penis-envying, disgruntled, self & life-hating, sicko creeps who got someone devoid of conscience to sell or give them a deadly weapon with which to take the lives of people much better than they.

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