I Condemn the NAACP: It Has a Selective Memory on Race


I condemn the NAACP. The NAACP’s move to condemn the tea party movement as racist is a scurrilous attack by a group that itself is unambiguously guilty of same. I have spoken at tea party rallies and am in contact with tea party members from across the country, and never have I heard even a whisper of that which we are falsely accused.

The NAACP has a selectively myopic view and short-term memory when it comes to actual instances of what can only be construed as racial bias. How do they explain their tacit silence about the allegations made in the New Black Panthers Party’s voter-intimidation case Philadelphia in 2008? Or talk that they tried to quash the complaint themselves? How do they explain their silence in the verbal accosting and outright attack on the black entrepreneur distributing tea party items at a town hall meeting in 2009? How do they explain their silence pursuant to King Samir Shabazz’s violent diatribe taped by National Geographic calling for the killing of white people — specifically children? Calling tea party members racist because we disagree with Obama begs the question of what they call the vicious screeds of Danny Glover, Harry Bellafonte and Julian Bond spewed toward President George W. Bush?

Their deafening silence in these instances indicate their de facto if not tacit support of those I reference.