I Condemn the NAACP: Screaming 'Racism' Discredits the Organization


I condemn the NAACP. And, not surprisingly, the NAACP is wrong again — this time on the tea party issue.

Unfortunately, this once-proud organization has transformed into a political wing of the progressives and frequently does the their dirty work. Screaming “RACISTS!” at the tea parties only diminishes and discredits the message of a group that once fought for equality in this country. Now, they seem only concerned with keeping liberals in office.

I’ve been pleased to see tea party leaders cancel speaking engagements with opportunistic politicians with questionable rhetoric in order to keep their message pure. At the same time, they have also invited and included like-minded African-American conservatives in their events. Any free-thinking person will recognize that these are not actions from a racist organization.

The NAACP should know better.