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Can Sarah Palin Really Defeat Barack Obama? 'You Betcha'


At this point in time, the main stream media has gone apoplectic. Why? Because just when they thought they’d finally done enough dirty work to stop Sarah Palin’s momentum in its tracks, she popped up at a Memorial Weekend biker rally looking more confident than ever, more beautiful than anyone the left has to offer, and even more beloved by the people than when we last saw her. In every picture from the rally participants were pressing toward her, asking the same question over and over: “Are you going to run for President?”

And to make matters worse for the media, Palin left the motorcycle rally to embark on a bus tour of historical American landmarks in the northeast without giving CBS, NBC, ABC, or CNN any kind of itinerary whatsoever. Now they’re literally chasing her bus down interstate after interstate and highway after highway trying to guess her next stop. They’re crying about how she’s not playing by the rules because she’s not kowtowing to Chris Matthews, Andrea Mitchell, and Keith Olbermann (My bad, I forgot Olbermann doesn’t have a real show any more.)

This just doesn’t compute in their liberal brains. How could someone they’ve so staunchly opposed ever have a chance of holding favor with the American people?

Sadly, even conservative intellectuals like George Will spent Memorial Weekend trying to kick Palin out of the picture. In a Sunday morning appearance on ABC, Will said, in effect, “turn away folks, there’s nothing to see here, Palin isn’t fit for the presidency.” (By the way, he’s said worse in the past. Like in February 2010, when he said: “[Palin] is not going to be president and will not be the Republican nominee unless the party wants to lose [big].”)

Although I hate to be the one to break it to Mr. Will, he’s missed the point completely.

While he’s offering commentary to snooty viewers on a Sunday morning show few care about, Palin is mixing with the people in a way that assures them she is one of them. She is meeting Americans where they are, hoping “to energize [them concerning] our nation’s founding principles, in order to promote the Fundamental Restoration of America.”

(By the way, did you notice she didn’t bring a teleprompter to the motorcycle rally? Instead, she brought her family, her love of country, and that big tour bus CNN is feverishly chasing even as I type.)

My goal in all this is to point out how wrong the media is when it comes to Palin. Just when they think they’ve got her on the run, it turns out they’re running behind her trying to catch up. And even as intellectuals (on either side of the aisle) right Palin off as unfit for the presidency, the people rally around her, hang on her words, and hope she’ll say she’s running.

Until then, the question that will be asked again and again is, “Can Sarah Palin really defeat Barack Obama?”

The answer to that is a straightforward “you betcha.”


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