Big Sis: Sean Hannity, Possible Terrorist, Osama bin Laden, Possible Patriot


When Deputy Attorney General James Cole released a letter on July 11th announcing that the Justice Department’s fix-it-all for “Fast and Furious” would be new gun control measures aimed at keeping better track of long guns, I thought hypocrisy had hit its limit. (After all, hundreds upon hundreds of long guns are currently in the hands of criminals in Mexico and along our southern border because of the duplicity of the Justice Department and the ATF.)

But 10 days later – July 21st – I realized that Deputy Cole’s hypocrisy was nothing compared that demonstrated by Big Sis and her video crew at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). I say this because the DHS just released a video ostensibly designed to encourage Americans to report suspicious terror-related activity when they see it: however, the message of the video is not actually about terrorism the way we’ve experienced it in the real world. Rather, it’s a public relations stunt in which every terrorist is depicted as white and almost every one who reports the suspicious activity is black, Asian, or Middle Eastern.

And early in the video, as the narrator describes the tragedy of terroristic acts against our nation, pictures of Ted Kaczynski, Tim McVeigh, and other white criminals are shown on the screen.

I actually believe that deep down inside, some of the hardcore lefties are thrilled with what McVeigh did because it finally gave them an example of a white bomber they can flash on the screen every time a Muslim extremist attacks the U.S.S. Cole or the World Trade Centers or the Pentagon or tries to blow up a plane with an underwear bomb or a shoe bomb or opens fire on Ft. Hood or shoots recruiters at the Little Rock recruitment center or blows himself up in a roadside attack against out soldiers, etc., etc.

The theme of the DHS video is, “If you see something, say something.” But to be honest with you, they should have called it “middle class white guys with bad intentions,” because it is completely framed around the idea that middle class white guys are the gravest threat our country faces (as far as terrorism goes).

And if you think I’ve somehow misjudged what the DHS intended to accomplish with the video, just consider the fact that about three quarters of the way through the thing, after the narrator has encouraged us to report suspicious activity when we see it, he adds the caveat: “It’s important to carefully consider what you observe. Reported suspicious activity should not be based on a person’s race, religion, or gender.” (Call me crazy, but I think those who attacked the U.S.S. Cole, the World Trade Centers, the Pentagon, Ft. Hood, and the Little Rock recruitment center, were all of a similar race, as well as the same religion and gender. I even think the underwear bomber and the shoe bomber were thus aligned in all three areas as well.)

In a nutshell, the DHS has released a video about stopping terrorism that has nothing to do with stopping terrorism and everything to do with showing the world that we understand militant Islamists are people too.

It’s nearly ten minutes of blatant propaganda aimed at convincing us that Sean Hannity fits the mold for a terrorist, while the late Osama bin Laden fit the mold for a patriot. (Speaking of bin Laden, I think there’s a good chance this video is the Obama administration’s way of telling Muslim countries we’re sorry we had to kill him.)


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