Flash Mobbin' In the NEA


What happened when a CITIZEN EXAMINER was given an all out press pass, and allowed to observe the NEA in their own element? This is just part of what he saw. Parents and all taxpaying citizens, though unfulfilled with the promises of transparency, should at the very least get a a peek behind the curtains of the educators of their children. I’d say don’t be surprised by what you see, but there are plenty more videos on the way. So enjoy as this as much as you can, and feel free to leave a comment if you so desire.

[youtube i_q6qz7gwXU]

There were jeers for the Koch’s

and cheers for “we’re broke”;

With boos and waahoos from the NEA crews,

More important than a even a V.P. named Joe,

was the rug that they cut all the way to the floor

So simply press play for the THE NEA way.

Watch this to watch see the NEA MOBBIN’ out——————->NEA_Flash_Mob, I think.


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